Antonio Pérez Navarro, successful hotelier with properties all over Spain.


By restoring architectural gems to their former grandeur, Antonio Pérez Navarro has created hotels that lead his guests into both the glorious past and the luxurious present all at once.

Reinventing the hotel industry in Spain was a two-part plan for Antonio Pérez Navarro: first, find out all there was to know about the industry. Live it, learn it and work within the system. Then, and only then, can one hope to think about step two: reinvention. And so, after some time at SEAT and spending more than a decade leading NH, ...

“Sleep is our top priority! Restful sleep is the factory of your energy for tomorrow, and, as simple as it sounds, life really is better when you sleep well.”
Detail of the exterior of Hospes Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba with window and basket with fruits.
View from the verand of the Hospes Maricel  in Mallorca, Spain Mural detail from Hospes Palacio Del Bailio in Cordoba, Spain.
A view of of the outdoor swimming pool at the Hospes Maricel in Spain.
View to the beautiful yard of the Hospes Palacio Del Bailio in Cordoba, Spain.

... Navarro had laid the foundation for groundbreaking thinking. He was primed to reinvent, and he began to do just that—fittingly, at the dawn of a new century—when he saw the future of Spanish hotels in, of all places, the past. By painstakingly restoring remnants of his country’s rich architectural patrimony—baroque palaces, neoclassical convents, belle époque mansions—Navarro created the framework for his new company, Hospes Hotels. Today, eight of Navarro’s hotels have dramatically revamped the Spanish luxury market, and they are set in some of the country’s most storied cities, places such as Seville, Córdoba, Granada and Madrid. Based in Barcelona, the hotbed of Spanish hip, Hospes manages to stay ahead of the curve in decor, gastronomy and service. And yet the affable, easygoing and ineffably elegant 48-year-old Antonio Pérez Navarro seems most proud of one thing: the ability to offer his guests a good night’s sleep. "Sleep is our top priority! We take care of every detail that enhances a good night of sleep: the food, the ambience, the sheets, the beds, the noise level, even relaxation through our Bodyna spas. Restful sleep is the factory of your energy for tomorrow, and, as simple as it sounds, life really is better when you sleep well."

The Hospes Palau de la Mar is a modern remodeling of two palace residences in the center of Valencia. The Hospes Villa Paulita is located on Puigcerda Lake and faces the Catalan Pyrenees. The Hospes Maricel is nestled into an idyllic Mallorcan landscape.
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