Mia Cederberg_Skvorc and Marc Skvorc, owners of Klaus K hotel, walking down a bridge


Inspired by a Finnish literary classic and armed with knowledge that they picked up while working at the world’s top hotels, Marc and Mia Skvorc and their Klaus K hotel have brought a new level of luxury and design to Helsinki.

American-born hotelier Marc Skvorc and his Finnish wife Mia are living their dream in Helsinki with the Klaus K. The hotel is based on a Finnish literary classic and echoes the charm of New York City, the couple’s other primary inspiration for the hotel’s design. The ...

“Our idea was that we’d come here and create a new hotel category for Helsinki.”
Klaus K hotel is housed in 19th_century building in Helsinki's city center
Impression from Finland's capital and the home of the Klaus K hotel
National epic's emotional themes are reflected in each one of the Klaus K's rooms
At the Klaus K's Toscanini Restaurant the Skvorcs offer a modern Italian country _style kitchen

... building had been in the hands of Mia's family for years, and with the help of the architects, the former German girls school was turned into Helsinki's first design hotel. “Our idea was that we’d come here and create a new hotel category for Helsinki,” says Marc. “There was really nothing in between this one luxury property and a lot of high quality but rather mainstream hotels. Nobody ever really dared to go in between these.” Despite the sporadic touch of Brooklyn or Soho, Klaus K is incontrovertibly Finnish. When Marc and Mia took over the hotel, their quest for authenticity led them to take a second look at the hotel’s origins. And, because the hotel was originally called the Klaus Kurki, after a character from a companion text to the Kalevala, an 18th-century literary work regarded as Finland’s national epic, they decided to use the epic as the central inspiration for the hotel’s redesign. Embracing the mantra “style and story,” the Skvorcs, together with the renowned Finnish architects at SARC Group and the interior design firm Stylt Trampoli, weaved Finnish folklore into nearly every fold of Klaus K’s aesthetic fabric. Marc embarks on several collaborative outreach projects that help to revive the hospitality and arts sectors in a city often perceived as gloomy and staid. Already one of the crowning jewels of the Design District Helsinki, Klaus K will become even more vital to the city’s international cachet when the city assumes the designation of World Design Capital in 2012. But beyond his hotel, if something concerning the Finnish design scene is going on, there’s a very good chance that Marc Skvorc has a hand in it.

Painting inspired by national epic's emotional themes, such as mysticism, passion, desire or even envy Egg and nest: even the front desk of the Klaus K owes its genesis to a Kalevala creation myth Detail fof the Klaus K's
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