Rosa Maria Esteva owner of the Hotel Omm in Barcelona, Spain.


With little more than passion and an unwavering belief in herself, restaurateur Rosa Maria Esteva took on a hotel project that would become a legend.

Her restaurant empire is the talk of the town, her exquisite taste and inherent sense for hospitality have made Rosa Maria Esteva the empress of authentic hotel and dining experiences in Barcelona and Madrid. In 2003, Esteva opened Hotel Omm, designed by architect Juli ...

“We’ve managed to keep locals in the mix”, Esteva says. “I always think it’s a bit sad when hotels become tourist ghettos.”
The Moo Restaurant is only one highlight in Rosa Maria Esteva's culinary empire.
Rosa Maria Esteva's La Xina Restaurant servers Chinese cuisine on the Ramblas.
Rosa Maria Esteva and her son Thomas Tarruella at the Moo Restaurant in Barcelona. The bar of Hotel Omm in Barcelona is a meeting place for locals and guests.
Esteva's Tapas24 is the place with the best tapas made by the chef Charles Abellan.

... Capella, in the landmark-laden neighborhood of Eixample in Barcelona. Since then, the hotel has become a place to "live with the locals" as Esteva puts it. “When we opened, it was rare that a local would go to a hotel for a drink or a meal. But with the success of Moo and the bar—as well as the spa, which our neighbors love—we’ve managed to keep locals in the mix,” Esteva says. “I always think it’s a bit sad when hotels become tourist ghettos.” To ensure everything runs smoothly, Esteva even lives above the hotel, dines in the Michelin-starred MOO Restaurant and even occasionally spends a day in the Spa. Her presence can be felt in every detail of the hotel—from the black hallways to the hotel's signature facade, Hotel OMM is Esteva's project. Whereas her gastronomic empire Grupo Tragaluz, which includes 16 restaurants, is a joint venture with her son, the hotel is Esteva's own doing. Her touches are also evident in Moo, the hotel's restaurant. Esteva wanted Moo to have its own identity, so she hired the renowned Roca brothers of the famous El Celler de Can Roca (with three Michelin stars) to create Moo, now one of Barcelona’s hottest spots for lunch and dinner. Esteva is all about quality control!

Hotel Omm's pool with reflection of the city of Barcelona in Spain. Black rubber-lined futurist corridor at the Omm Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. Rosa Maria Esteva at the balcony of Hotel Omm in Barcelona, Spain.
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